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Creating Freedom is an energy modality that uses the Emotion Code to set people free from pain, trauma, depression, anxiety and anything else that is holding you back from the life you wish to create including success.


Dr Bradley Nelson created the Emotion Code, which is now being recognized as the most cutting edge technology to release emotions that create an imbalance in the body. It has been proven that 90% of pain and disease is the result of trapped emotions. Trapped emotions are a ball of negative energy that is the size of a baseball or as big as a cantaloupe that are lodged in or around an organ causing an imbalance in the body.

The subconscious knows everything that is going on inside your body and mind. It has stored every thought, trauma, heartache and belief you have experienced since you were conceived. Sometimes while in the womb you may have taken on beliefs that you picked up from your mother or father.

By using muscle testing you can tap into the subconscious and ask yes or no questions to determine which trapped emotions you have experienced and at what age you created the emotions. Inherited emotions are emotions inherited from ancestors that can go back many generations. Many times anxiety can be inherited from an ancestor that served in a war and had a traumatic experience. 


That vibration could have been so strong that is was passed onto you. When inherited emotions are identified and released it clears the emotions from ancestors 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. This frees children and grandchildren from having to deal with issues that you have had to deal with.

To find a trapped emotion you muscle test by asking the subconscious mind what emotion is stored and when it was created. When you find the trapped emotion you run a magnet down the governing meridian with an intention to release the emotion.

One of the greatest discoveries in Energy healing is the discovery of the heart wall. The heart wall is created when we experience having our feelings hurt or experience heartache. 95% of clients have created their heart wall before 3.

In order for the heart to feel protected it creates and energetic wall consisting of negative emotions. Most people are unaware that even though at one time the wall was beneficial it has prevented them from having great relationships, finding true love, obtaining success or their true purpose. Many people who have felt hopeless about finding true love have had great success with connecting with the love of their life after the heart wall was removed.


The Emotion Code is a simple and fast method to find and remove negative emotional energy from the body.  It uses kinesiology, or muscle testing to connect to the subconscious mind to find out where the blockages are and what emotions they are related to.  Then a magnet is rolled over the corresponding body meridians several times to release those emotional energy blockages.  The energies of intense emotional events experienced are still stuck in ones physical body and can distort the normal energy flow, resulting in pain, disease, PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and mental illnesses. The Emotion Code helps release these blockages.

While I have a passion to help everyone who finds their way to me, working with children and young adults is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.  It is profoundly moving when I witness young ones release negative energy. It is also deeply rewarding to know that they won’t be impacted by it for a lifetime.  I often wonder how my life might have evolved had my trapped emotions been released while I was young. Could cancer have been avoided? Would I have been less anxious as a teenager? Would I have had the confidence to try out for one of the teams in high school?

One thing I know for sure, the Emotion Code process has a far-reaching impact on the children and young adults I’ve had the privilege to work with. I’ve noticed many reasons for this transformation that I’d like to share with you, along with some of my most rewarding case studies:


As any animal lover will tell you, animals have feelings, too. They may not be able to talk about them, but if you watch their behavior and get to know them, you will soon be able to recognize their subtle changes of emotion.

Even without words, animals express their emotions clearly. When emotionally upsetting events occur, animals can suffer from trapped emotions just as people can.

For higher quality of life

Consider emotion code healing


If we were digging deep inside and went beyond our bones, beyond our atoms, we would understand that we are all made up of Energy. What if I told you that you had trapped emotions within you that are holding you back from your full potential? Perhaps you didn't know better; you were just overwhelmed with a unique emotion, and now that negative emotion is trapped within you. What if we also told you that a very impactful negative moment triggered a wall around your heart which kept you from finding your mission, feeling love, giving love, and prevented you from success?

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Meet Pam Holland

As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed hearing people's life stories. I have always genuinely cared about people and was always curious as to how their life was going. After engaging in a conversation and hearing people's problems I would find myself days later thinking about the conversation and wishing that I could have a solution for people. Even though I had chose Insurance as a career I found myself wishing I had been a psychologist so I could have solutions for people.

After getting involved in a Network Marketing company I was exposed to "The Secret" and thanks to the Network Marketing company I was encouraged to pursue personal development and spirituality. After lots of studying I discovered that everything is energy and we are all energetically connected. That concept changed everything for me and shortly after that I discovered The Emotion Code and I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Muscle testing came natural to me and for months I would get a lot of people together and we would have parties and I would practice physically muscle testing people and releasing emotions. The big break through came when I realized that since we are all energetically connected I could energetically connect with someone on the other side of the world and work with them as long as I had their permission. Now most of my sessions are done on the phone and it makes it easier to connect and help more people.

I wake up every day excited about who I am going to be able to connect with and help. Helping people create freedom in all areas of their life is my passion.

I’ve had a couple of sessions with Pam over the last 6 months. After every session (I always book the 45min-session), I experienced huge differences. I would even say that I’ve made quantum leaps many times thanks to Pam’s help.

It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that what Pam offers is an opportunity for everyone to make huge leaps forwards. Just give it a try.

Pam is very humble and kind. You can always count on her and she really wants to help you to change your life for the better.

I'm looking forward to our next session.

Thomas Hill

Immediately after the session, I was extremely tired, that I needed to lay down and regain my energy. I have never felt that way before in the middle of the day.

I then found a live stream of a well known leader in Internet Marketing, looking for an assistant - I applied thinking nothing of it.. and got the job. (I quit the job 2 weeks later, but he is now a client who gives me high end deals), I would've never applied to the job in the first place with the emotions I was feeling before, of not being good enough or undeserving of success.

Since our meeting, I have booked new clients and I have made more money in the first two weeks of October, than I was making 1 month working at my 9-5. I was experiencing such a drought in my business that I was planning to go back to corporate that same week.

vanessa Singer

I had two Emotion Code and Body Code sessions in February 2018, during the sessions we addressed back pain that I experienced after sitting at work for more then couple of hours.

Because I have to sit at work a lot I used to experience the pain frequently. I felt frustrated during the pain and always wondered what the root cause was. The pain level was about 7/10.

After the sessions, the pain was simply gone. I couldn’t believe it, but before I told anyone I decided to wait for a while to see if the pain will come back. It never came back, and I still do the same type of work.

Pam is great to work with. She is kind and professional. She will not waste your time.

Bob Williams

My husband and I adopted a rescue dog.

He was very sweet and adapted to us very quickly. The only issue he had was when we would leave home he would poop on the kitchen rug. He has access to go outside anytime, as he has a doggie door. 

After just one session with Pam she was able to find and release emotions that were causing this behavior. 

No more accidents when we leave.

We are all happy,

Lisa F.

Frequently Asked Questions

This question is asked frequently, and it really varies between each person. A single session will be effective and allow you to experience the results of this work. Typically we recommend 3-5 sessions.

The body will release as many imbalances as it allows. Only so much can be done in one session before the body must process what has been released. Although sessions are 30 minutes, your body may be processing it for up to 4 days. Typically processing takes 1 to 2 days.

The sessions are done the same way, using a photo of the patient. Email sessions are great for people with busy schedules or those who have significant time zone differences. Phone sessions are done at a scheduled time, with the ability to ask questions you may have, or further explain an area of concern. Both sessions get great results.

Yes, the Emotion Code & Body Code works great on all animals. These visits are done remotely using a photo of the pet.

Yes. I have seen amazing results when  working with addictions. I believe this is because most of the time addictions aren't  a problem; they are usually someone's solution. People tend to abuse drugs/alcohol/coffee etc. because it helps relieve whatever pain they may be in and don't want to feel (i.e. trapped emotions). Once clearing someone's heart wall, and/or other imbalances the underlying cause of the addition is released.